While we are growing, as children we get scared, angry, upset, sad and what not during our childhood and adolescence. All these emotions and the associated memories are recorded in the body and the psychic of the human being and then stored in muscles, tissues, tendons, bones and organs. The entire Chinese medicine is based on this understanding of the human body.

What de-armoring does, it releases those contractions or storages from the physical body, emotional body and psychic.

This is it, simple. It does it in a conscious way and the effects are long lasting.

De-armoring is not massage and it involves active participation of the one who receives it.

De-armoring uses techniques of massage and acupressure.

I received and offered many de-armoring sessions and I can tell you that the effects can be:

  • lighter feeling in the body
  • emotional release
  • more energy in the body
  • a clearer mind
  • deep emotional healing
  • physical healing

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